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Isael's Land

Postby newnature on 07 Jul 2012, 17:25

The descendants of Israel will as a nation turn to Yeshua their messiah, and also they will occupy the central place in the millennial age when Yeshua personally brings to this earth universal peace, prosperity, and justice. The believers in Yeshua cannot lay claim to the promise of the land of Canaan, they do have a distinctive place in Yahweh’s program, but the promise of Canaan belongs to Israel, and to Israel alone. Long ago the prophets of the descendants of Israel saw the earthly millennial kingdom as a prelude to the eternal kingdom of Yahweh, and they spoke of it as eternal. They viewed the new heaven and new earth in close connection with the millennial kingdom to come upon this present earth. As long as this earth stands in its present form, Israel holds the title-deed to the entire land of Canaan. Thus, the land of Canaan belongs to Israel through all time as an earthly possession, and in eternity Canaan will be transfigured and much enlarge.

The new earth will be the eternal resting place for the New Jerusalem, which is 1500 miles in length and breadth and height. This will require a vastly enlarged and different globe from our planet as it exists today. Then, too, the new earth will have no sea. Even though the descendants of Israel will occupy and control all of Canaan during the 1000-year earthly reign of Yeshua, they will not have it forever. The bible views the millennial kingdom of Yeshua as the door into the universal eternal kingdom of Yahweh. The present earth-system will be burned, and the new heaven and new earth will come in its place. On this new earth, Yahweh will fulfill his promise to Israel that she will have a distinct national identity and territory forever. The earthly throne of David will not be abolished, but will merge into the eternal throne upon the new earth. On the new earth Israel will still be distinct, and have her own king-perhaps David. Yeshua will leave his throne as the millennial king to take his place on the one eternal throne, “The throne of Yahweh and the lamb”, thus bring the millennial kingdom to an end as it leads into the eternal kingdom of Yahweh in the new heaven and the new earth. Yeshua will continue to exercise his regal authority, but will do so as the eternal son with the Father.
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