That We Might Be Made

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That We Might Be Made

Postby newnature on 01 Mar 2016, 22:25

“That we might be made” is the subjunctive mood. It is not that everyone will be made, it is that those who believe might be made the very righteousness of God in Christ, which is what dwelling with God through eternity is all about. There is no more powerful message than that, God was using Christ’s death for the sins of the entire world as his criteria to no longer impute sins to the world. 

If you have yet to believe The Gospel of Christ, you are standing only in the righteousness your flesh has been able to produce for you, which means you have missed the mark of the righteousness God requires for heaven. If you have not yet believed Paul’s good news message, you have not yet accepted the gift of your salvation. 

The issue is not our sins today, most people think sin is the issue, so they are looking for ways to keep short accounts. The issue is: In order to dwell with God in eternity future; we have to be as righteous as God, his justice will not allow nothing other, and until you believe what happened to the sins Christ died for concerning yourself, you are not placed into Christ.
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