Galatians 6:8

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Galatians 6:8

Postby newnature on 28 Feb 2016, 04:42

Galatians 6:8 - We can take this as a general principle. Life, in the physical sense, comes from making proper choices. Death, in a physical sense, can come from making improper choices in our lives. If we continue in a sinful lifestyle, and we continue not bringing the flesh into subjection, we can count on that lifestyle to take a toll on us. 

Choices have consequences. The choices we make with serving self have an effect on others which will affect us. Death can take place in so many ways, it could be emotional, it can be relational. We do not need to start pointing at particular sins, but if we are a slave to sin, whatever sin we are serving, the sin that has us in bondage will exact its toll on our flesh. 

You did not free yourself from sin, God did that in response to Christ’s faithfulness and your faith in Christ faithful sacrifice to have resolved God’s justice where your sins are concerned. You became a servant to the righteousness that is already yours, but some of us servants do not do a very good job of serving, do we?
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