Romans 5:8

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Romans 5:8

Postby newnature on 26 Feb 2016, 04:38

Romans 5:8 - So, it is not a question of getting new forgiveness for new sin, we had to have someone take care of that sin issue for us and thank God that he had his son take care of that issue for us; God’s son taking ALL the sins of the human race upon himself and satisfying the Father’s righteous demand for justice for those sins. 

Sin, or coming short of the measure of who God is, is that which stood in the way, or stood between God and the human race. Christ’s blood dripping on God’s Ark of the Covenant (The Ark Moses was instructed to build) was sufficient to satisfy God’s righteous demand for justice. 

God’s attitude towards a believer does not fluctuate in response to action, it is not condition on a believer’s behavior. Paul is telling here at the very outset of Romans chapter 5, that being justified results in an unchanging attitude of peace with God for every believer. 

The avenue of our faith in Christ’s faithful performance on our behalf, rather than peace based upon our performance, results in an unchanging attitude of peace with God for every believer. We now have available for the enjoyment of our everyday experience an everlasting peaceful relationship with God!
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