Textual Criticism of the Books of the Bible

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Textual Criticism of the Books of the Bible

Postby Durbin on 23 Apr 2009, 22:57


Did anybody read Ehrman's best selling book Misquoting Jesus - The story of who changed the bible and why? He is a renowned bible scholor. Evidently he is able to sell a book on biblical textual criticism to laymen! I have avoided any doubts or negative scholorship on books of the New Testament like if they were authentic or not. But I don't want to take an ignorant stand for my faith. I don't know greek but I am thinking of learning it and maybe going to school for divinity.

In short from what I understand, since no originals are known to exist, lower criticism deals with variant readings and higher criticism deals with authenticity and time of writing. 2 Peter is usually listed as the book in the NT with the least scholarly support that Peter actually wrote it.

Wikipedia has articles which show what books in the NT are doubted with what scholarly consensus. Like the prison and pastoral epistles of Paul. Has anybody done any work in this area or just avoided it as bad like I have?
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Re: Textual Criticism of the Books of the Bible

Postby newnature on 04 Aug 2010, 20:50

A cool course by Dale B. Martin, a free down load from Yale, this guy gets into some cool stuff that might help you out; beware of all the gnosticism twisted throughout the years that have creeped into the text's.
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