The Confession

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The Confession

Postby newnature on 25 Feb 2016, 17:26

Leviticus 26, beginning with verse 40, is the confession Israel would be called upon to make. Israel would also have to accept the remainder of her punishment, that failure under the contract would call for and that would be the seven year tribulation. When John the Baptizer came along, had anything new begun? He simply called upon Israel to change their minds about their righteousness. 

John the Baptizer came in connection with Yahweh’s earthly nation Israel and in accordance with an offer to confess their failure under the contract in order to gain their promised land. That confession itself would be considered a fruit of righteousness in the eyes of Yahweh. The focus during John the Baptizer’s ministry was still Israel and the issue continued to be the land. Nothing had changed except that Israel was being offered the opportunity to confess their failure under the contract. Israel continued to be the focus and the land continued to be the issue.
The law contract, Israel’s possession of the land called for perfect righteousness through performance. Israel produced no righteousness in connection with the law contract. She did not produce that righteousness back in the days of the prophets. She had not produced the fruit of righteousness the contract called for during the days of John the Baptizer’s ministry or during the days of Jesus’ earthly ministry to that nation. 

The issue was not their sins, Israel always had a way to have their sins atoned for. Yahweh gave them a way to have their sins forgiven. The issue was righteousness! After that long period of silence (400 years of silence) during which Yahweh refused to speak a word to the nation Israel, Yahweh would begin speaking to the nation once again. John the Baptizer would become Yahweh’s spokesman. This was an important time in Israel’s history as Yahweh would place the Kingdom that he had promised that nation right at their very doorstep. 

John the Baptizer’s baptism would be the mechanism that Yahweh would use to allow Israel to make her confession of failure, thus preparing the way for Yahweh’s Kingdom on Earth to get underway.
This is where the second gospel-designation mentioned in Scripture comes into play; the gospel message called The Gospel or good news of the Kingdom. Why was Israel’s promised earthly Kingdom near, because Israel’s King was there!

It was Israel’s opportunity to change their thinking, because the institution of Yahweh’s Kingdom on earth was right around the corner. The only thing that stood in the way of the establishment of that kingdom was for Israel to recognize her King. The Gospel of Yahweh is about kingship identity. Who is the King for this Kingdom? That is the thrust of the Gospel of Yahweh. Jesus (Yeshua his Hebrew name) is the King; the Anointed One; the Messiah (meaning Christ), the son of the Living God. 

Now, that “on earth” part was very important, because the earth was the realm (according to prophecy) where Yahweh’s Kingdom would be established. The earth was the only realm of which Yahweh’s earthly nation Israel had been given inheritance. Heaven was not the issue for the nation Israel. They were never promised Heaven. Before proclaiming to Israel the identity of the king, Yahweh wanted Israel to know that the time was at hand for YAHWEH’S Kingdom on earth to be established, and that is all that John the Baptizer, and Jesus, and the 12 apostles began to preach; the Kingdom that Yahweh promised Israel, is at hand.

They were not yet preaching the identity of the king at this time, only that the Kingdom was at hand. The Gospel of The Kingdom had to do with the timing of Yahweh’s reign upon the earth, but when it was first being proclaimed, the identity of the king was not the issue at hand, when it came to proclaiming to Israel what Yahweh wanted to proclaim to Israel and had not yet been made known to Israel. That information was being withheld for a time and for a very good reason.
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